The ad campaign— the big idea. This is where your brand gets to tell your story and catch the eye, ear and heart of a potential customer. We pride ourselves in creating smart, honest and compelling work that is executed brilliantly in any medium. Our job doesn’t stop with the creative. Our Production and Media departments are equally as talented in assuring the highest levels of quality and value for our clients, whether in print, broadcast, web, outdoor or non-traditional media.


    Our job is to take all of the pertinent information and facts about a company or product and mold it into a comprehensive brand message that speaks to the customer. What makes your brand special? What is your brand’s uniting story? How do you connect with your audience? These are the questions we flush out before creating a clear, consistent brand experience.


    Starting with a complete marketing plan based on brand alignment, CA can help develop and execute a total marketing and distribution program, whether regional, national, or international in scope. Factored into this program are market analysis, product development, sales programs, brand positioning and pricing and price point positioning. Our marketing programs will help you effectively communicate your brand to existing customers and new prospects alike.


    It is all about who you know (or in this case, who we know). With CA’s decades of experience, our extensive list of PR contacts puts us in touch with those editors and writers who are interested in your product or service. And we create press information and articles that are used, and used often. Along with this, our Social Media Division can help you develop a successful presence to connect with your customers and create loyal fans.

We are Chevalier

SpecialiZATION is our Specialty.

At Chevalier Advertising, we specialize in specialty markets – whether it’s hunting and shooting, camping, fishing, marine, or tactical / law enforcement. Chevalier can take on any specialty.

We know how to talk to your potential customers, because we make it a point to also be those customers. We invite you to enter our world and see how our experiences can benefit you.